Qingdao BEST Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Quality Control
When Qingdao Boshite Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded, it first established a technical team with over 20 years of experience in plastic machinery design and development.
The company has successively developed a "production line for 1000-3000mm large-diameter winding pipes with ring stiffness SN16", a production line for HDPE multi-layer thick wall pipes, a production line for HDPE corrugated winding pipes, a production line for PE three-dimensional drainage networks, a production line for PE geomembranes, and a production line for diamond plastic lawn / plastic mat.
Currently, the company is developing a production line for waterproof sheets with pin  and has entered the trial run stage.
The ring stiffness test has been conducted on the pipes produced by the "1000-3000mm large diameter winding pipe production line with ring stiffness SN16". The test pictures are as follows