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HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe Extrusion LineHDPE Intelligent Detection Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line is a new kind of drainage pipe production line, is de

HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE Intelligent Detection Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line


HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line is a new kind of drainage pipe production line, is developed by our company according to the manufacturing technique of Krah pipe , is mainly used for producing the HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated pipe from ID 300-3500mm.The line adopts the latest advanced technology and manufacturing technique, has the characteristics of High production efficiency ,easy operation and continuous production etc.

The manufacturing technique of the line adopts one-times hot melt forming technology . sheet layer, the reinforced pipe layer and coating layer are composited at once in melting condition, then, after spraying the composited pipe, they are firmly bonded, don’t separate. The line can continuously produce with different ring stiffness and wall structure from 300mm to 3500mm within short time by changing some elements, and there is no waste material during the changing elements. The cost of the line is lower, the line is very popular with customers.

HDPE/PP Spiral-corrugated Pipe is made from PE/PP with thermoforming technology, it has of high ring stiffness, lower weight, easy jointing and no leak. The jointing adopts electrical fusion welding socket ,this is the most of reliable joint. The kind of pipe has been mainly used for municipal drainage, agricultural drainage and agricultural irrigation.


In addition, when the line is producing the spiral-corrugated pipe, if the spiral-corrugated pipe is embedded in a detection wire by changing the line, this production line will become a Intelligent detection drainage pipe line.  The intelligent detection drainage pipe is embedded in ground, if pipe leakage, we can detect the leakage of pipe by detecting device, we can take a remedy in time.

In addition, this production line can produce large diameter compositing reinforced pipe for high pressure water transportation after it can be updated.

Main Technical Parameters:
ModelPipe Diameter RangeSpeed of LineMax. OutputTotal Installed Power
BCRBWG-1200Ø300-Ø1200 mm1-28m/h500kg/h220KVA
BCRBWG-2000Ø1000-Ø2000 mm1-18m/h1000kg/h360KVA
BCRBWG-3000Ø1600-Ø3000 mm1-10m/h1300kg/h410KVA

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